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Visitor Information


Visitors should have a current membership card which is recognized by the Dutch Golf Federation or any other golfclub with equal status in the Netherlands or abroad. Provided they have a valid handicap with a maximum of 24, they are allowed to play on our golfcourse 3 times a year on Monday, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday. The golfcourse is not open to visitors on Sundays, when there are groups of guests or in the event of club matches. Visitors should check in advance with the Caddiemaster to book a tee time: there are no guaranteed tee times. With regard admission of visitors the Caddiemaster sees to it that visitors are spread evenly on the course. In the mornings and afternoons a maximum of 12 visitors are admitted. In case of a group of guests exceeding 24 persons, visitors are not admitted. Visitors are requested to follow the Caddiemaster's instruction at all times. Groups of guests of more than 12 persons can only book via the manager on Mondays and Fridays. Groups of guests less than 12 persons are admitted throughout the week with the exception of Sundays. They can book a tee time with the Caddiemaster on condition that this is in accordance with the even spread of visitors on the golfcourse. The golfcourse is reserved for club members between 10.00 and 14.00 hours. In the case of club matches, match players and members should not be restricted in any way.

Terms of introduction

The management allows playing members to introduce a maximum of 2 persons at a time. Club members and their guests should check tee times in advance with the Caddiemaster: tee times cannot be guaranteed. A guest should be a competent player. The guest’s host is responsible for his competence. Guests are allowed to play on the golfcourse 5 times  a year.  Spouses of club members that are not a member themselves may play on the golfcourse 5 times a year. Guests are to park their car in the lower parking area just like regular visitors. If a club member brings along a third guest  € 100 must be paid for this player. A group of members and guests should be made up of more than 4 players of which 40% must be club members. Groups of members and guests must book in advance. The green-fee for non-members is € 50. In the case of a member and guest group in which less than 40% are members, only 2 guests per member can claim the reduced fee of € 50: the others pay € 85.

Hospitality chain

Members of the golfclubs Eindhoven, Toxandria, de Pan, Noordwijk, Broekpolder, Rosendaelsche, Hilversumsche, de Haagsche and de Kennemer may play on each other’s courses at a reduced rate. A visiting group should not exceed 4 players who each have a maximum handicap of 24.0. The Caddiemaster should always be phoned in advance to check what tee times are available on the given course. Players of the golf courses named above are always welcome in our clubhouse, whether or not they are playing guests.


Golf professionals

PGA (A&B)- cardholders can play for free 5 times a year on a Monday after having made an appointment with the professional and the Caddiemaster.

Opening hours

In principle the clubhouse is open daily for members and visiting players from 8.00 hours till 22.00 hours.  During winter months there is limited service on Mondays.

The driving range is open daily from 7.00 am till 9.30 pm. In winter closing time is adapted to daylight.

Greenfees 2019

Greenfees are valid for a round of 18 holes unless stated differently.

Visitor Netherlands Golf Federation member € 100

Visitor NGF member 9 holes € 50

Visitor NGF member – not a member of a Dutch Golf club € 140

Visitor NGF member – not a member of a Dutch Golf club  9 holes € 70

Foreign visitor € 140

Foreign visitor 9 holes € 70

Visitor(s) introduced by an ordinary or honorary member (max. 3 visitors per member -  max 5 x a year) € 35

Visitor(s) introduced by an ordinary or honorary member (max. 3 visitors per member -  max 5 x a year) 9 holes € 20

Hospitality chain € 35

Non-commercial groups of members and guests (max. of 24 guests with playing members ratio 40/60) € 50

Introduction enlisted students (max. 3 times a year) € 20

Non-member juniors, up to the age of 18, may play with a parent member, at the discretion of the Caddiemaster € 10

Introduction student by student member € 10

Rental fee trolley’s € 5

Teeclosure non commercial guestgroup p.p. from € 120

Payment method: at the Caddiemaster payments only can be done by debit card or credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard).

N.B.  Junior members (not older than 25 years) cannot play in the weekend and in holidays unless introduced by and playing with a member of the KG&CC in which case the rules of introduction are applied.